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FOOT FETISH / Deep Feet Panic By Top Dominatrix Nayla Santos

Deep Feet Panic By Top Dominatrix Nayla Santos

ASS LICKING EXTREME / Ass Licking Extreme Top Models By Top Babe Jenna Alvez And Marilla Castilo

Ass Licking Extreme Top Models By Top Babe Jenna Alvez And Marilla Castilo


There’s something about clean, nicely shaped, sexy female feet that always gets us footfetish lovers hard, sometimes even the sheer thought of it. Our sexy, exotic Brazilian models use their feet in all kinds of ways to establish their dominance one over the other by lubing their feet with the saliva dripping out of the mouths of their petite and subordinate slaves, crushing their faces with those rounded curvy feet of theirs, smearing their own saliva across their face, or even by stuffing in both feet at the same time in a tight, small, and moist little mouth, with a fast moving tongue, which constantly strives to give proper satisfaction to their master.

Painted nails, dirty feet, stiletto sucking, feet smothering, deep feet, you name it, you’ll definitely find your kink which will get to your soft spot. The sight of a sexy, confident, dominant girl opening up her long, bare legs preparing to get those perfect feet in the warmth of their slave is just priceless. For those of you to whom it’s easier to imagine yourselves in the place of a male sub, you can find videos appealing to your specific foot fetish desires of women dominating helpless men both with stilettos and barefoot as well.


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